Chatbots are the new frontier of ecommerce and this year H&M, Pink by Victoria's Secret and Sephora have partnered with Kik (a rival of Facebook Messenger) to create their own branded messaging systems. Chatbots are messaging apps powered by artificial intelligence; their purpose is to guide the digital native generation through customized and optimized shopping experiences. Kik, which has 300 million users, about 60% of them between the age of 13 and 19, is considered a forerunner of  "conversational commerce".

Just like a customer service representative, but without funny accents or wait time, chatbots answer questions about merchandise and provide links to additional related content like styling tips or how-to videos.

Once logged in Kik, the bot start the conversation with the new customer by asking a few questions that help it to build a profile. The chat process is fast and smooth as there are already a few common answers ready to be clicked. All the communication happens through the favorite format of the new generations: text messages, of course, sprinkled here and there with relevant emojis. With the adoption of this technology, H&M, Pink and Sephora are definitely positioning themselves at the forefront of the 21st century shopping experience.