During the last edition of Denim Première Vision the highly innovative Myrags software debuted.


This new software can help jeanswear designers and denim insiders create the look for every denim collection directly from their own computer and transfer all necessary information to their manufacturing partners.


This new project initiated from the skills of Umberto Brocchetto and the support of Valter Celato, both long-time experts in the international denim and jeanswear business, along with a team of specialists who’ve been working in the same industry for over thirty years.


Umberto Brocchetto (left) and Valter Celato
Photo: Myrags
Umberto Brocchetto (left) and Valter Celato

Myrags is a digital portal that offers the possibility to design and customize prototypes and style works, thanks to a database that is constantly linking international suppliers, partners and sales agencies. The goal of this tool is to offer a wide choice of customization solutions, picking from fabrics, accessories, yarns, finishing and laundry treatments, among others.


“This is not just about denim. It’s about the whole material being transformed,” commented Umberto Brocchetto. “Myrags is a project which embodies the ideas of personalization, creativity and free interpretation.”


Among key characteristics of the new software, there is, for instance, interactivity as designers and garment makers can share creative ideas via the computer. They can get in touch and interact with an extensive archive of effects – traditional, up-to-date and trendy - ensuring top precision on technical details for the production of sample garments.


Also, networking can be improved as Myrags can connect designers with most important suppliers and sales agencies thanks to geolocalization. The whole supply chain, for instance, can meet in one virtual place and share feedback from and with all users in real time.


Working through online targeted experimentation can also help saving time, resources and energy offline. All the traveling needed to get the documentation in the archive or to verify the steps at the laundry can now be optimized, so are the meetings with suppliers which will focus on the items already selected on the digital platform.


Myrags is intuitive and user-friendly as it can also be used by beginners, making it easy to train and educate the young generation of talents. In addition, the platform presents projects that are clear and understandable to all departments involved in the approval and interested in the project within the company.


This service will be available via an annual subscription to the whole platform from July 2017 and, upon request, can be integrated with additional extensions in the following months.

“Our goal is to get creativity, research, functionality and ‘matericness’ together in just one tool, available to all users at any moment where the whole chain can meet and exchange point of views and results,” added Umberto Brocchetto. “We’re extremely satisfied with the interest people have shown from the very first internal trials: just another confirmation that we’re heading in the right direction for the industry”.

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