Adidas provides a new special service for their Community Runners in Vienna, Austria. They are part of a worldwide cardio network of the brand, that till date enjoy personalized training plans, expert coaching and community events.

As an innovation, Adidas developed a test shoe machine in partnership with Deister Electronic and DerAutomat Harrer KG, which offers a free loan in form of running shoes for 24 hours for the community members. The double container unit with 500 pairs of shoes also includes a changing area.

And this is how it works: Adidas’ Community Runners first register for the testing event online with their name, e-mail address and phone number. The phone number will be unlocked within 24 hours with a personal PIN. The runner can then go to the machine at Franz-Josefs-Kai, Vienna, enter a pin and choose a desired pair of running shoes in his/her personal size. If they don’t fit perfectly, they can take up to three other pairs. Within 24 hours, the runner can try the shoes out. When the time is up, the runner can decide on returning them or to buy them in the shop.

The procedure can be repeated as often as desired – until the runner found the perfect running shoes.