Italian denim specialist TRC Candiani will present at Bread & Butter from July 4-6 with Laboratorio, which will show the second edition of a similar workshop it presented in 2009. The initiative will involve three players from the global textile industry: Italian denim fabric manufacturer TRC Candiani, Italian apparel Interwashing Group (Elleti) and Okinawa, a company specializing in research and development of accessories for the textile industry.

The project aims to present all three companies' experiences and "Made in Italy" craftsmanship and recreate the whole manufacturing process of five-pocket jeans “live" in a real Lab, bringing in qualified workers, machinery and tools. Laboratorio experts will help visitors create their own jeans with the style, fabric, treatments and finishings of their choosing. Guests will then experience the entire production process - from sewing to washing to lasering and the customization of the label. They will be able to pay between €50 and €80 for a pair of jeans that normally go for €200 at retail.

The proceeds of the initiative will go to the social nonprofit Valemour di "Più di un Sogno Onlus - Fondazione per la disabilità intellettiva," which helps young adults with mental disabilities find employment. More than 4000 visitors and many of the most influential designers in the fashion industry got to know and appreciate Laboratorio during its first 2009 edition. This summer Laboratorio will take place again at Bread & Butter’s Tempel(h)of Denim area (TD12).