Just recently Nudie Jeans has started a new partnership with the Supply Network Intelligence Program ­– Sag Salim (meaning ‘safe and sound’), supporting the cotton farmers in Turkey. Sag Salim works as a grievance-program that allows cotton farmers and cotton pickers in the Izmir-Aegean region in Turkey to hand in complaints. A third party, consulting firm Precision Solutions Group (PSG), which collaborates with local organizations, handles all complaints.

This system is meant to create visibility in a certain part of the supply chain where that had not been visibility before. Through the program Nudie Jeans wants to get insights as to whether there is any risk of non-compliance on the cotton fields, for example, if the farmers have received correct payment or not and finally to implement its policy on Human rights and anti-slavery.

Sag Salim has initially been started in May 2020 by Australian denim brand Outland Denim together with PSG and Turkish denim mill Bossa. Since November also Nudie is on board since parts of its cotton also comes from Turkey.

Cotton harvest in Turkey
Photo: Nudie Jeans
Cotton harvest in Turkey
Nudie Jeans is considered one of the pioneers when it comes to the production of more sustainable jeans collections. The Swedish denim brand, founded in 2001, launched its first Production guide with information about its supply chain in 2013.

To further improve in terms of sustainability Nudie has teamed up with several partner organizations over the years. As the company states, its daily operations' most crucial networks are its memberships with STICA, RISE, Fair Wear Foundation, and Textile Exchange, but it also hooks up with topic-specific organizations such as Chetna Coalition for the organic cotton sourcing in India and Amnesty for the work on Human Rights.