In January 2013 Dutch clothing brand Mud Jeans launched its innovative “Lease a jeans” program – letting the customer lease his sustainable jeans and after using it exchange it for a brand new model. 3000 of those brought-back jeans were now firstly recycled into new denim material in Spain.

To celebrate this moment, Mud Jeans planned a whole recycling tour through Europe, starting in Amsterdam and ending in Valencia, Spain, where the factory of Tejidos Royo is located. They spun the cotton fibers of the jeans into new yarn and weaved them into new denim fabric – following the same motto: Bring fashion forward and reduce waste.

Mud Jeans spring/summer 2017.
Photo: Mud Jeans
Mud Jeans spring/summer 2017.

On their way to Valencia, the tour made seven stops in different cities where activities, fitting the philosophy of the brand, were taking place. Those included clearing the Biarritz beach from waste and collecting donations for spinal cord research.

The result of this recycling tour can be found in the new Mud Jeans collection launching in September 2016.