Garmon Chemicals, a R&D company of chemical solutions for the apparel industry, is promoting the Greenofchange platform, a system dedicated to the improvement of environmental safety and performance of textile chemistry, through a series of events called the Greenofchange Days.


It held the first Greenofchange Day in Jakarta in November 2018 and has since announced an intense schedule of four international workshops for 2019. The first one this year took place on March 11 in Lahore (Pakistan) at The Nishat Emporium and the second will occur on April 13 in New Delhi (India). The remaining two will happen respectively in the third and fourth quarter of the year in Dhaka (Bangladesh) and Shanghai (China).


These working sessions want to gather together textile industry stakeholders with the fashion community. Their aim is to involve teachers, opinion leaders and technicians and encourage them to share their expertise and best practices, improve the knowledge related to sustainability and develop new strategies to enhance the entire industry.


The Greenofchange Days also offer the opportunity to discover Garmon’s solutions including, for instance, the Stretch Care selection of products that help increase the quality and performance of stretch fabrics while keeping a low impact on the environment, and Avol Oxy White, an ecologically advanced substitute of potassium permanganate for denim bleaching.


When a finishing process is compliant with the Greenofchange requirements, a brand can distribute its garments with a special hangtag that includes a QR code. By scanning the code, anyone can get to know the exact amount of natural resources saved during the finishing of the item and other information about the safety for the environment, workers and final consumers.