With its newly launched pilot project, ‘Yes Center’, Esprit wants to provide educational aid to supplier countries. The brand has opened a school in Bangladesh and will open another in Pakistan. Three more schools are meant to follow. Esprit is pursuing the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals which aim to develop sustainability on an economic, social, and ecological level.

Along European countries, many of Esprit’s clothes are produced in emerging countries. The company’s ambition is to give something back to these countries. By setting up educational opportunities, the schools might enable better working conditions and economic and social independence, especially for women.

Within the Yes Centers the students will be taught subjects like Safety and Quality Management, English, Computer training, Accounting, and courses on Gender Equality and Human Rights. This curriculum is meant to increase the alumni’s chances of higher education and employment beyond the textile industry.

The schools will be funded through the Esprit Cares Trust for the following two years and the YOU Foundation for children in need will be responsible for the local implementation and management of the schools.

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