Early last month saw the launch of Livby, a smartphone app that takes over where Home Shopping Network and Amazon Prime fall short. It’s live, streaming retail that allows customers to shop from anywhere and anytime on their phones and gives brands unlimited access to consumers, spreading the word about their products with the power to sell items right then and there.

“Brands sign up and request to be a seller,” says Livby COO and co-founder, Phillip Butler. “After becoming approved, they are able to sell their products live on their mobile device while customers can watch, instant message the host, and buy with a click of a button. Once the live sale is complete they can post the video on our home feed for customers to rewatch.”

With no charge to brands for the first three sales, followed thereafter by a ten percent commission to help with Livby’s costs, retailers such as Wildfox tees, Smashbox and Anastasia cosmetics, Flynn Skye, Logan Hollowell Jewelry and Gladys Tamez Millinery x Fox Lover & Lemons hats can input inventory, product photos, descriptions and then either start a live broadcast or post about upcoming broadcasts.

Brands can feature influencer-hosted sales, allowing customers access to the brand and the featured celeb, artist, designer or fan through video messaging. And it all comes with the help of a handy “buy it now” button. "Livby was created to bridge the gap between social media and e-commerce in the most fluid way through a platform that provides measurable, real-time results and data from sales," Butler continues.

"Our unique direct-to-consumer platform provides a fun way for brands and consumers to interactively connect." "Brands are always looking for ways to reach their target audience and to create conversions with customers," says co-founder and CMO Brian Rubenstein.

"The Livby app is the future of TV shopping for the socially-savvy, and creates a direct line of communication for brands to share their story and interact with a live audience – all with ease and excitement and straight from their mobile phone." The Livby team, headquartered in Los Angeles, was founded by fashion industry veterans Butler, Rubenstein and Shai Sudry, and is financially backed by developer and business entrepreneur Pepe Tena of Ferrado Group, whose other holdings include The Standard Hotels in New York, LA and Miami.

“We are reaching out to the users via their relationships, warm/cold leads, and our PR and marketing leads,” says Butler. “For the on-boarding of our customer base we are using strategic social media, PR, and influencer marketing campaigns. As we grow we will be expanding into other similar markets that are in line with the brands currently on the platform.”