In front of an audience of 1,500 Indian and international fashion and retail professionals, the new Indian Edition of Sportswear International just made its debut here.

During the India Fashion Forum 2008 at the Renaissance Convention Center, which is the most important and largest fashion conference of its kind in Asia and usually attracts up to 2,500 fashion CEOs and top managers, Sportswear International’s editor and publisher Klaus N. Hang hosted a roundtable launching session with guest executives of the SI community. Among others, Troels Holch Povlsen, chairman and founder of the Bestseller Group (Jack & Jones, Vero Moda, etc.), joined the panel along with Jim Terwee of G-Star, James Bettle of Ben Sherman and Chetan Shah of Pepe Jeans.

After a highly informative presentation about the role of SI inside the “Youth Power” phenomena, which was the overall theme of the launching session, each of the panelists rolled out their youth power heritage and their brand’s point of interest in such a dynamic marketplace as India, where 50% of its 1.1 billion citizens are under 25 years old.

Amitabh Taneja, head of SI’s joint-venture partner Images Fashion Group of New Delhi and editor-in-chief of the new mutually published magazine Sportswear International India, together with Klaus N. Hang, who serves as editor at large of the new publication, then launched and delivered the first copies off the presses to an eagerly awaiting crowd on the floor.

The B2B/C magazine will start with a run of 20,000 copies and addresses Indian professionals and fashion-driven consumers at newsstands. The new title will be published four times a year and each issue will have up to 200 pages.

“Sportswear International India will especially help India’s fashion trailblazers in a rapidly growing sportswear industry to make savvy, global-minded and business-boosting decisions for an even more prosperous future,” says Hang.