The first Scholl Footwear temporary store opened its doors at the start of Berlin Fashion Week. On sale is the classic of the Scholl product range, the original Pescura wooden sandal, offered in a range of familiar colors and materials. Newer varieties of the famous beech wood "exercise sandal" are also available. Retail prices range between 50 and 100 euros.

Scholl Footwear is being presented in the Appel Design Gallery through Aug. 31, alongside high-profile furniture by Knoll International and Florence Knoll. The puristic Scholl wooden sandals continue to stand for the perfect combination of style and tradition and are the perfect complement to the interior layout of the sales space. Small events and rare collaborations with Berlin-based artists have also been planned for the remainder of August.

In 1904 Dr. William Scholl invented the science of footcare with shoes that not only gave support to problem feet, but also offered the wearer soft "exercise whilst walking" that was good for the whole body. Many of Scholl's discoveries and innovations form the basis of modern footcare in theory and practice today. These many years of experience are reflected in the high quality of Scholl products.

Scholl Temporary Store c/o Appel Design, Torstr. 114, D-10119, Berlin-Mitte

Tel: 030/8471030,

Opening hours:

Monday to Saturday, 12:00 pm - 8:00 pm.