Women lifestyle sports brand Roxy works together with cosmetic brand Biotherm, developing jackets and scarves with cosmetic features that protect the face and neck from the cold through its new care formula.

Through micro-technology millions of tiny capsules filled with Biotherm lotion are integrated into the fabric. When the fabric comes in contact with the skin, the capsules break open and release the skin care product directly to the skin. The product gets absorbed into the skin without leaving an oily residue.
This new technology shall protect the skin from drying out in the cold, moisturizes and prevents skin irritations.

The “Enjoy & Care” line will be available in September 2015. Snowbard-Olympic champion Torah Bright will be the face of the campaign. Furthermore, the Quicksilver Group, who conducts Roxy and its male counterpart Quicksilver, decided to make the collaboration with Biotherm an ongoing partnership, already planning to add further products to the “Enjoy & Care” line.