Thanks to a crowdfunding campaign, the Austrian mountaineering brand Kamarg back from the 1970s was revived for summer ‘17.

Its central product, the backpack, will return in its original colors as well as its classic complexion, solely the sailcloth was revised and made waterproof to meet modern requirements.

The carrier system works with a rope which serves as a lock at the same time. The shoulder straps are hung-up on the rope, buttons fix the framework. Felt inserts make the straps more comfortable when wearing.

In the production, a special focus was placed on sustainability and longevity of the pieces. Individual components of the 12.2 liter backpacks like leather straps and zippers can be reordered after heavy wear.

Pre-order starts June 6, 2017 for an early bird prize of 80€ at the brand's website. Afterwards the backpacks go on sale for 120€.