Panorama, Berlin's tradeshow for the middle market, performed very well. The overall mood amongst exhibitors and visitors was positive: "We really like being here, because we can find a mix of new labels as well as brands that we already stock," says Silke Wilpert, head of buying at renowned German retailer Hagemeyer.
Also on the exhibitors' side, the fair was a success: "This is the right event for us since we meet all the clients we need," says Ersin Binicioglu, CEO of Cross Jeans. His company showed at Panorama for the first time. He wants to come back for sure, but he needs "a bigger booth". Exhibitors complimented the tradeshow on its perfect organization.
Panorama's managing director Jörg Wichmann was very satisfied after three days of show time: "The ground floor halls were highly frequented. The new Nova Concept hall was well accepted, but we still need to work on how to guide more visitors to the upper level." Another topic he wants to optimize is how to increase the number of international buyers: "For the next summer edition we consider to prepone the show dates a full week to reach out for the Scandinavian visitors for example, because later in July they are already on holiday."
Most important conclusion for all attendees: showing up at tradeshows is key for the fashion business.

La Fée Maraboutée booth
La Fée Maraboutée booth
Best denim color: white - from head to toe

Strongest denim fit: Jogg jeans

Best trends: 70s hippie & urban sports

Best footwear: clean sandals with heavy soles & sneaker slip-ons

Hot-shot label: Buena Vista

Best three collections: La Fée Maraboutée for dresses, Ria Menorca for sandals, Chili Bang Bang for glamour T-Shirts

Busiest trade show booth: Inuovo (as always...)

The topic everyone asked about: Bread & Butter's presence and future business

Must Have: single speed bike by 8bar (and be it only as cool in-store decoration)

Crowded Inuovo booth
Crowded Inuovo booth