Celebrating its 10th anniversary, the Ethical Fashion Show and the Greenshowroom, hosted by Messe Frankfurt, showed off 124 exhibitors in areas such as sustainable denim, fashion, accessories and shoes. Venues such as the Berlin ewerk and the Hotel Adlon Kempinski made it an exciting and diversified platform for green fashion. The concept was rounded off by organic food and eco-friendly bicycle shuttles. A key topic was the objective of moving eco fashion into the mainstream and standardizing transparent supply chains. These factors were explored as part of an extensive supplementary program with panel discussions and presentations. The overall trade show concept and rising number of brands and visitors underscore that the eco fashion topic is gaining more and more interest.

Ethical Fashion Show: Green fashion = mainstream

Safia Minney at People Tree stand
Safia Minney at People Tree stand
The trade show’s ewerk Berlin venue was convincing because of its modern, industrial flair and the fact that its two separate buildings achieved a clear division of brands in a relaxed atmosphere. Given recent controversy over fair working conditions, the topic of responsible fashion has taken on more importance. Now many leading fashion thinkers are assessing whether sustainable fashion is going to be a vital part of the future of fashion innovation and how to move eco fashion from its niche status into the mainstream.
On Tuesday, July 8, the Ethical Fashion Show kicked off with the keynote speech of actress and ambassador of the World Future Council, Inez Bjorg David, and Olaf Schmidt, Vice President of Textiles & Textile Technologies, Messe Frankfurt. Afterward, the presentation of Safia Minney, CEO and founder of People Tree, discussed the claims of ethical fashion and the “urgent need to change the industry.” Check out the sustainable engagement of People Tree here. Another important event was the Create Green Breakfast hosting a panel discussion with Daniela Zehentner-Capell (head of the Federal Ministry for Globalization and Trade), Claudia Kersten (Marketing Director GOTS) and Marisa Przyklenk (Senior Product & Account Manager Non-Food Fairtrade) about establishing a standardized textile label meeting social and ecological criteria.
An overriding topic highlighted by the Ethical Fashion Show was the excellent upside potential for sustainable fashion with its international selection of eco fashion, and shoe and denim brands such as People Tree, Sey Organic Jeans, Nurmi, L-L-B, Pearls of Laja, Studio Jux and Oat.

Destroyed denim at Pearls of Laja
Destroyed denim at Pearls of Laja
Topic that everyone was talking about: Eco fashion should join the mainstream

Hottest trend spotted: Hemp denim, jogg jeans and strong prints

Most interesting three fashion collections: People Tree, Nurmi, Studio Jux

Best denim collection: Pearls of Laja with trendy patch and destroyed styles

Most interesting footwear collection: Oat

Most crowded booth: People Tree

The style item everyone was wearing: Hats

Best statement: “The story behind fashion and its production is important. Sustainable and responsible fashion as well as transparency within the supply chain should become the norm. When it comes to style, there is no difference between mainstream and eco fashion anymore.” (Olaf Schmidt, Vice President of Textiles & Textile Technologies, Messe Frankfurt)

Greenshowroom: Green is fashionable

Deepmello at Greenshowroom's salonshow
Deepmello at Greenshowroom's salonshow
While the Ethical Fashion Show focused on sustainable streetwear and casualwear, the Greenshowroom provided a platform for the fair production of high fashion and businesswear, showcased in the elegant atmosphere of the Hotel Adlon Kempinski. Innovative design concepts were shown by labels such as the Berlin Blond & Bieber studio and its Algaemy collection with a certified algae color technique, and the young eco fashion brand Lifegist, based out of Madrid, with its hemp and biological cotton material mixes combined with sleek, modern cuts. The Berlin label Deepmello convinced once again with its rhubarb leather collection. A highlight which emphasized the fashionable atmosphere was the fashion show with around 400 people attending held for the first time in the ballroom at the Hotel Adlon Kempinski. There were 19 designers exhibiting at the Greenshowroom and the Ethical Fashion Show showed off 70 looks with selected collection pieces among the highlight looks by Deepmello, Alma & Lovis, Royal Blush, Ben Weide, Lifegist and Inti Ferreira.

Blond & Bieber studio with Algaemy collection
Blond & Bieber studio with Algaemy collection
Topic that everyone was talking about: Eco fashion can be fashionable

Hottest trend spotted: Hemp materials and rhubarb tanned leather

Most interesting three fashion collections: Deepmello, Lifegist, Ben Weide

Best sportswear influenced collection: Young menswear label Ben Weide from Berlin; his collections are 100% made in Europe with a transparent supply chain

Most innovative label: Blond & Bieber studio with the Algaemy collection

Most crowded booth: Deepmello