If you are on the lookout for a nice “Fendy” purse or some “Channel” sunglasses, Canal Street in New York City is the place to shop. Known for its counterfeits, this fake-fashion destination is where Diesel secretly opened an authentic knock-off store called “Deisel”, right in time for New York Fashion Week.                     

What shoppers probably didn´t realize during the first few days is, that their purchases at the Deisel store are actually one-of-a kind pieces specially crafted by Diesel´s design team disguised by the fake Deisel branding.

Constantly battling counterfeit lawsuits, Diesel founder Renzo Rosso changed lanes for this marketing coup and draws attention to the topic of breaking copyrights by ironically copying himself.  

The Deisel store will remain open until Monday (February 12) and if you aren´t in NYC this week, some items from the limited Deisel collection will also be available on Deis… no sorry, on Diesel.com and in selected New York stores from February 13. Just a little tip from us to you: Try to buy your desired piece at the Deisel store, where the knock-off pieces also have a knock-off price tag. Afterwards, the Deisel stock will be sold at original Diesel prices. 

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