Birkenstock will open a mobile retail space “BOX” with an exclusive launch event at the 6th of July for Berlin Fashion Week. 

Following the event, the Box will then publicly be accessible from 7-22 July. The pop-up shop will work as an extension of the Andreas Murkudis store in Berlin’s Tiergarten quarter and extends over its courtyard. 

Designed by the architecture studio Gonzalez Haase AAS, the Box has a chrome surface which integrates it into the surrounding. Most of the interior of the container is made of cork – just like the original Birkenstock footbed. Clothing swings from green hangers attached to a big cork beam, elements from moss create a natural vibe and minimalist benches are made from grey industry felt. 

The Murkudis store provides a selection of clothing, accessories and lifestyle goods for the Box, while Birkenstock exhibits its regular collection as well as a Limited Edition line created in collaboration with Andreas Murkudis.