The 16th edition of the Street and Skate tradeshow Bright in Berlin was launched under the motto “New Horizon“. The location change from the former Stasi headquarters in Lichtenberg, to Berlin Mitte “Alte Münze” was welcomed by exhibitors and retailers alike. Stefan Golz, Wemoto Clothing: “At first we were very sceptical about what to expect from the new location, but it is much more central and better. We had many more international clients at our booth; besides a lot of Europeans we had many Japanese and American clients.”

With “Alte Münze” closed to Alexanderplatz, Bright-founder Marco Aslim and Thomas Martini, did not only found a central fair location in Berlin – 15 minutes driving time to Bread&Butter, 5 minutes to Capsule, 10 minutes to Premium and 20 minutes to Panorama – but also a place that matches very well with the new Bright concept.

A clear layout with more open booths and a distinct separation between boardsport, and the more fashionable streetwear was implemented in the new location. The new location presented a less chilled out atmosphere, but more business feeling than the former. 250 brands like Adidas Skateboarding, Cleptomanicx, Element, Iriedaily, Makia, Reell and Vans presented their collections across an area of 3000sqm. Contrary to announcement, Nike SB did not have a booth at Bright.

Kiki Mc Gowan, Element: “Bright was absolutely positive for us. We had a lot of clients and customers, and on top of that, we had one of the best places. In the older place everything was built over. Now you can enter our booth from every angle. We have already committed for the Bright summer edition 2013.

Salah Boukricha from Reell is also very happy with the course of the fair: “Moving was a necessary step. There is much more traffic here. We had retailers from France, Russia, Spain and Denmark.”

Jarno Luotonen, Makia: “Bright has been a really good tradeshow for us. We have been to Bread&Butter and Capsule, but this is the first time that we are actually running orders here. That’s amazing.”

And how satisfied are the Bright founders? Marco Aslim: “We are very, very happy. I’m really freaking out, because we are getting so much positive feedback. Many visitors are embracing the clear division of Boardsport/Skatewear and Streetwear. We are also really happy about the frequency. People are staying till 5pm. At the former location in Lichtenberg that was different; People started to leave earlier. You can see that the location has had a direct effect on the frequency.”

For the next tradeshow in summer Aslim and Martini want to benefit more from the outside surface of the location. And they still want to hold on to the new date, one day later than Bread & Butter & Co.