During the Project trade show in Las Vegas, Adriano Goldschmied talked denim innovation in a panel discussion presented by Mavi. The denim legend recently collaborated with the Turkish denim brand to create its new Indigo Move athleisure collection in celebration of its 25th Anniversary.  The panel which was titled, “Adriano Goldschmied Unthreaded: A Discussion on the Innovation of Denim” gave insight into the past, present and future of denim. Tommy Fazio, Fashion Director of UBM Fashion Group, producers of key trade shows including Project, MAGIC and Coterie, joined Goldschmied in the discussion, which was moderated by N. Jayne Seward, Contributing Editor for Sportswear International.

The discussion highlighted the innovative fabrics, which were developed to create the Indigo Move collection and the growing influence of the athleisure trend in denim and fashion. Panelists discussed key factors facing the denim industry today ranging from trends to technology, innovation, sustainability and the importance of listening to the changing needs of the consumer. Attendees enjoyed hearing Goldschmied’s talk about his first memories of traveling to Istanbul, scouting trends in the Silver Lake neighborhood of Los Angeles and the value of listening to fit models when developing product.

Goldschmied, who has been innovating the denim market for nearly 50 years, first worked with Mavi many years ago.  The 25th Anniversary collection was an opportunity to collaborate again and create something new. The inspiration for the Indigo Move collection he said came from the current needs in the market. “We are in a period of time where the denim business is for sure not very successful. And so, we had both of us the idea of making something different,” explained Goldschmied. “I think denim is a product that has to speak to the need and the aspiration of the people,” he added. “In my opinion, the change in the attitude of the consumer is the need to have comfortable style. Nobody is ready today to suffer to be cool,” said Goldschmied.

Adriano Golschmied


Adriano Goldschmied is the creative head behind Mavi's Indigo Move

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Fabric is always the first step in creating denim explained the designer who innovated new stretch fabrics, Move Denim and Bi-Stretch Denim, for the collection. “We design the fabric according to what the design idea is. And so the inspiration was basically to create a new product much more comfortable that can fit perfectly to the new [lifestyle] of people today.”

Innovation is key to driving the market Goldschmied noted. “Nobody is buying a jean because you need a new jean. You buy a jean because you think that the new one you see is better than the one you have in the closet or because in some way is giving to you an emotion because of the fabric, or because of the wash or because of the fit,” he said. In general, he explained that the denim business is about evolution since new product is created all the time, but sometimes – as with Indigo Move - there can be a revolution.

Adriano Goldschmied (l.) with Tommy Fazio
Photo: Mavi x Project
Adriano Goldschmied (l.) with Tommy Fazio
Fazio also noted the denim business has been suffering from a lack of innovation and newness, but is seeing a bright future. “What [Adriano’s] created with Indigo Move I think is the next step that will infuse the industry,” said Fazio. “It’s something new, it’s something exciting. I think this whole athleisure influence in sportswear and denim and across all product categories is really important,” he said.
While athleisure just became a word in the dictionary this year, the lifestyle trend is growing at a fast pace with no signs of slowing down. “I think Mavi, their Move inspiration, is really going to bring some insight to what athleisure means to the denim business,” said Fazio. “I think across the board we’re going to see a lot of the denim brands start to move towards an athleisure feeling - not that they all need to launch an athleisure section to their denim brands - but you’re going to see a lot more comfort and a lot more ease to the product.”