Twenty years after revolutionizing women’s fitness with Step Reebok, Canton, MA-based Reebok has unveiled a new gym workout set to roll out in top gyms in 14 cities across the globe.

Called JUKARI Fit to Fly, the hour-long workout co-designed by Cirque du Soleil, relies on a specially-designed piece of equipment called the FlySet that gives the sensation of flying while offering cardio, strength, balance and core training.

The program was designed to reintroduce fun into the gym studio. Says Katrin Ley, Head of Womens at Reebok, “The combination of Reebok’s heritage in women’s fitness and the fun, excitement and innovation that Cirque du Soleil brings to their craft meant that we are in a unique position to provide a solution to this need. The result is a whole new way to move through the JUKARI Fit to Fly workout and a new range of products to wear, designed specifically for women.”

Those collections, On the Move and Reebok-Cirque du Soleil, consist of products that can be worn for a range of sports, from running to yoga to JUKARI Fit to Fly and tennis.

JUKARI Fit to Fly will be supported by a global integrated marketing campaign soon to be seen in print and online and in stores and outdoor throughout the year.

—Tim Yap