Swiss bags brand Qwstion has launched temporary store concepts in both Zurich and Vienna for the festive season.

In a former Zurich grocery store, “Qwstion invites” currently hosts not only Qwstion's current bags collection, but also Stutterheim raincoats, Velt shoes, furniture and home accessories by Soeder, Kinsfolk jewelry, Senz6 umbreallas and stationery by Le Pigeon Voyageur. The store will be open until December 22, 2014.

Address: Ex-Denner / Badenerstraße 156 / 8004 Zurich / Switzerland

'Qwstion invites' in Zurich
'Qwstion invites' in Zurich

In Vienna, Qwstion’s shop-in-shop "Questioning Comerc" is located in the formerly unused basement of concept store Comerc. The complete Qwstion collection is arranged in an installation-like environment which can be visited until January 15, 2015.

Address: Comerc / Westbahnstraße 24 / Vienna / Austria