Recently Liberty Fairs and Agentry PR announced their new partnership for New York Men’s Day. The biannual event will extend its presence into the Liberty Fairs trade show that runs from July, 20-22, with an installation that is planned to feature New York Men designers. Here, Sharifa Murdock, partner of Liberty Fairs give more details on the partnership and the next show edition this July. Interview by Melanie Gropler

Why do you start a cooperation with Agentry PR? The collaboration between Liberty Fairs and Agentry PR happened very organically.  We've been proactively looking for ways to support and collaborate with the newly inked New York Men's Week and when the opportunity to bring New York Men's Day brands to Liberty Fairs came to us we, of course, welcomed it with open arms.  It was a perfect match as our show is highly curated and the brands participating in NYMD fit in seamlessly.

What is the cooperation between Liberty Fairs and Agentry PR all about? It's all about partnership.  Part of the Liberty Fairs ethos is to create partnerships that add value to the menswear industry be it retailers, media or in this case, brands.  We're thrilled to be extending the experience for those brands from NYMD to market at our show.

How will you mark the installation of NYMD on the fair ground? Will they get a special branded space? There will be a designated space where these brands are showcased within an installation.  Each brand will show 3 looks from NYMD on bust forms along with graphics educating attendees on the brand.

Which NYMD can be seen there? All of the brands participating in NYMD will be showcased including Boyswear, Cadet, Carlos Campos, Chapter, CWST, David Hart, Fingers Crossed, GarciaVelez, EPONYMOVS, Kenneth Ning, Matiere and PLAC.  In addition to the NYMD installation, Carlos Campos, David Hart, and Kenneth Ning will be showing their full collections at Liberty Fairs.

Will there be any changes for entry or registration for the trade visitors? There won't be any changes to the registration process this season.