Ronnie Fieg (also see here), has recently launched his new s/s 2015 Kith Home Field Advantage Collection exclusively at Milan's Slam Jam store. After the worldwide launch through this Milan store and his own website on 17 April 2015, the collection is now available only at three other selected top international retailers – Colette, United Arrows and Nano Universe. Ronnie Fieg has established as a renowned US streetwear insider, VIP consultant for top sneaker brands since the early age of 13 (when he designed his first sneaker for Asics) and owner of the two Kith stores in NYC (also see here).
We spoke to the streetwear connoisseur about his new apparel collection and other upcoming projects in his busy schedule. Interview by Maria Cristina Pavarini

Styles of the Kith Home Field Advantage Collection
Styles of the Kith Home Field Advantage Collection
What inspires you most in designing a collection? And this collection in particular?
What inspires me most is what is missing in my closet and what I want to wear. What generally inspires me comes from different cultures - in this case it all comes from the USA - then reinterpreted with a twist. This collection originated from the pride to implement different design aesthetics that come from a single culture and imagery of this country. For this its main hues are red, white and blue, the most popular ones for this country, that we recreated, for instance, in a shirt made with a plaid pattern that was custom milled for us. We also recreated other materials that were popular in the mid 90s, which we borrowed from basketball – be them jerseys or mesh, though renovated as higher quality materials. For instance, this mesh has a similar optic to the cheap one of the '90s though it is doubled and has a stronger texture. All items of the collection are inspired by the 90s basketball, though basketball shorts can be worn everyday because of added zipped invisible pockets. This sweatshirt, for instance, has three-quarter long sleeves. This extra twist comes from Japanese culture. Another great source of inspiration is Tokyo, a very important city for my research.
Is this a men's line only?
This 20 piece-line is aimed at men only, although its size range also includes small sizes such as XS. This way also women can buy it. When girls like a certain unisex brand they buy and wear it in smaller size version. But I also want to make a line only for women, even if it won't happen this year, since it will require much time.

Ronnie Fieg's Kith Home Field Advantage Collection
Ronnie Fieg's Kith Home Field Advantage Collection
You generally don’t follow the regular rhythms of the fashion business. How often do you launch a new collection?
Since we are not selling wholesale we launch our products whenever we feel ready. And since I follow many projects - about 8-10 collaborations at the same time - I prefer to launch a capsule when I find the right idea that might also fit well with that specific footwear project I'm working for at that moment. This last collection took eight months to be prepared - silhouettes, fits and fabrics, ...there’s so much to study and test.

What are you especially fond of right now?
Milan. This is the first time I visit this city and I think it is very exciting. What I liked most is the Duomo. It is amazing. And also the whole architecture mix of different styles of the city. I also liked seeing all these different people crowding the city for Milan Design Week. Each person was so different from the other – it's like an enormous meltin'pot and I felt like being in New York or Paris.

Are you planning any special new projects?
In 2016 we will celebrate the 5th anniversary of my store which I founded in 2011. I'm planning some very special projects for its celebration.