Giorgio Presca, CEO of Geox and expert insider of the fashion and jeanswear markets, explains how new forward thinking strategies are developing this brand while keeping its DNA. Geox is focusing on entering the upmarket apparel segment, expanding in Northern European markets and launching a new campaign shot by Rankin aimed at making their Nebula shoe an iconic product. 

What new projects is Geox focusing on?
For f/w 2016/2017 Geox is debuting in the high-end outerwear market segment. We have just launched our new NordPlus range at Pitti Uomo and Premium. This selection of jackets combines Geox recognised top technology and research in breathability, air circulation and heat regulation properties and extends it to a product with a smart and at the same time functional feel. We tested them in cold climates in cities such as Stockholm and Moscow and developed eight models that can be worn from down -25° up to +10°. They are designed according to a multi-module structure and have hoods that follow the wearer in every movement. We have also developed partnerships with Vitale Barberis Canonico, Polartec and Lanificio TG top fabric manufacturers and added their quality materials with extra performance and thermo-regulating properties. Thanks to Aerentis, a Y shaped circulation pattern positioned on the back of the jackets, body heat can better circulate. They will be sold through high-end concept stores only at €600-€1,000 retail price, a different price range than our average one. 

Launching such highly protective jackets shows you are strongly betting on German and Northern European markets. What are your present projects for expanding in these areas?
We are participating in Premium for the first time and think this is the ideal platform for presenting a brand at 360° - be it our newborn NordPlus jacket range, our Amphibiox functional footwear collection or Nebula, a sneaker selection born as a test for a new functional and design concept that went out of stock seven times in one year.

We have recently gained the TÜV SÜD Footwear Mark certification for all of our shoes. TÜV SÜD is the most important certification in terms of wellness and health, two aspects we strongly believe in – and these markets also recognize as important when deciding what to buy. It testifies how Geox is committed to improve the quality of its products by involving footwear manufacturers, suppliers of materials and laboratories that avoid the employ of toxic and polluting substances, no irritants, allergens and similar substances.

The German market is our second biggest market counting for about 13% of our revenues after Italy that represents 33% of our sales. We want to strengthen our partnership with our wholesale distribution network made up of 900 multibrand stores, while reinforcing our presence through the existing 46 local monobrands (a small number considering there are 400 in Italy). We also want to grow in a higher market position thanks to our new NordPlus jacket selection.

What about the younger targets? Are you focusing on any specific initiative in order to also grow there?
For our newest ad campaign for Nebula, we involved Rankin, well-known photographer known for shooting personalities such as Madonna and campaigns for brands like Nike. Today in a very crowded market as the sport-casual one, Nebula already distinguishes itself through its lightness, 3-D construction and flexibility, though wants become an iconic product. By portraying two professional dancers suspended while jumping Rankin’s photos emphasise our guiding idea of wellness and are meant to inspire consumers to move, look around and live more, or, as Rankin says: ‘To live life to the fullest, you need to #startbreathing’.”

Nordplus f/w 2016
Nordplus f/w 2016