During Berlin Fashion Week, Sopopular introduced its fall/winter 2015 collection in the German capital, where black was the overall winner. Key pieces were short-sleeved sweaters, perforated knit, transparent plastic coats and ¾ pants. Right before the show started, we caught up with designer Daniel Blechman about the inspiration for the collection, the brand objectives in 2015 and the role that sustainability plays for them. Interview by Lorenzo Molina and Elena Reudenbach

One of Sopopular looks for fall/winter 2015
One of Sopopular looks for fall/winter 2015
What were your inspiration sources for the F/W'15 collection?
My main inspirations always come from the military style like uniforms and armors. I studied architecture at university and thus I like straight lines, slim fits…

What are the key materials and fibers that you have used?
This season, I have worked a lot with technical materials such as plastic-coated leather. Different variations of cotton that is laminated so that it looks actually like leather. Glossy-upholstered layer that looks like fish scales. Finally, I’ve also employed plastic and lambskin.

What menswear trend/s do you think will become big in 2015?
Avantgarde mixed up with sportswear is currently really strong in fashion, but on a high-level with expensive materials. The silhouettes for menswear will get wider, in a boxy cut. Tight fits will however not disappear.

You have been exhibiting your collections in Berlin for a while now…Why here and not in other fashion capitals like London?
Firstly, I’m exhibiting my collections here, because I want to help push the image of the city since Berlin is my hometown and I feel connected to it. The second reason has to do with money, as we can’t afford the price of a runway show in London or in Paris with our budget.

How do you perceive the fashion market for emerging designers now?
The market situation is really difficult now. Some designers want to live out of their creativity, which is fine and a nice way of thinking, but they don’t consider the economic factor, which is essential. You have to be well-positioned, have a business plan and a lot of patience. However, when you love what you do, it will pay off.

How do you think fashion trends will evolve in the future? Can you forecast any upcoming trend that will modify the fashion landscape inevitably?
It’s hard to tell since trends disappear only to come back after a certain time. Though, I can see some innovation in extraordinary textiles, 3D fabrics…

What role does sustainability play at Sopopular?
Sustainability is key for us. We check the origins of every fabric that we buy; we don’t import materials outside of the European Union. Most of our raw materials are from France and Italy, plus a small part of Japan, but we know how it is produced. When a man invests money in clothing, he should be able to wear it for more than a season.

What objectives does SOPOPULAR want to reach as a brand?
Our objectives are a steady and healthy growth; to become more international and that people like our products and buy them!