Adidas has chosen Atlanta (Georgia, US) as the second city that will accommodate a Speedfactory, the brand’s term for highly-automatized footwear manufacturing facilities that are located closer to end consumers in order to react faster to local market needs and shorten long shipping distances. It will be even bigger than the first Speedfactory of the brand in Ansbach (Germany), with more than 6,875 square meters and it will be fully operative in the back-half of 2017. Adidas says the factory will enable unprecedented customization of high-performance products with unique fit, comfort and look.

Operated by the same strategic partner as the Ansbach facility (Oechsler Motion GmbH), the Speedfactory in Atlanta is set to produce up to 50,000 pairs of shoes in 2017, focusing on running footwear. In the mid-term, the sportswear goods manufacturer aims to produce half a million pairs of shoes for running and other categories.