The last edition of Première Vision at Parc Des Expositions, Paris, held between 10 and 12 February 2015, registered 58,443 visitors (5.19% less than in February 2014).

The decrease in attendance was largely due to a decline in Russian visitors, as a result of economic and political instability such as a 40% devaluation of the ruble since January 2014 and the situation in Ukraine. They also registered a drop in American attendees, whose presence was affected by the New York Fashion Week, held in the same week. Attendance figures were also affected by overall changes in the behavior of visitors who, in order to save time, concentrated their presence to events and limited their frequency of visits.

In addition, according to the show’s management, the market is registering a decline in the global consumption of textiles and apparel, especially in Europe and a slowdown in exports of luxury products towards hitherto untouched territories such as China and Russia penalized them.

Despite this, an overall feeling of optimism and a very positive business climate prevailed as Première Vision Paris closed its doors on its first fully integrated edition welcoming different events under the same umbrella (also see our previous article).
After three days of strong business, fruitful meetings and professional exchanges, insiders think that Parc des Expositions de Paris Nord Villepinte hosted a unique and unprecedented event, earning a strong support from the global fashion industry.

In addition, the show registered an increased presence of 1,793 foreign exhibitors in total (1,773 in February 2014), hosting 50 exhibiting countries more compared to the 30 in February 2014. Moreover, out of their total visitors they registered 73% of international visitors, coming from 120 countries, which have grown from the 116 attending in February 2014.