“We expect that for this Pitti Uomo, we will reach a higher result than in January 2013,” commented Raffaello Napoleone, CEO, Pitti Immagine. “It should be around 21,000 buyers and about 30,000 visitors in total. And visitors from Italy are growing again.”

Pitti Immagine Uomo 85 held in Florence 07-10 January 2014 hosted over 1,100 exhibitors inside the Fortezza da Basso.

Italian visitors appear to have grown 4% (about 13,000 people), while foreign ones should be above 7,800 people. Among top foreign countries most visitors came from Japan, Germany, UK, Russia, France, Spain and Turkey. Two more important elements were the increase of visitors from the US, a fundamental market for prestige and a global benchmark, and the growth of Korean buyers, a new significant Asian frontier.

Generally buyers and visitors from foreign countries marked a significant increase, coming from over 120 countries from central and Far East Asian countries, Middle East, Oceania, Southern and Central America and Africa.