The specialized denim section Denim Italiano, Italian Denim Makers, happening within Pitti Filati from 28 to 30 January 2015, in Florence Fortezza da Basso, took place for the second time, presenting a different exhibiting concept (also see our report from the previous edition).

Despite the fact that the event continues to involve about 20 exhibitors -only Italian denim, accessories and trimming manufacturers, garment makers and laundries-, this second edition only hosted a central mood board presenting general denim trends and a video display designed and displayed by Pitti consultants Angelo Figus and Alessandro Moradei. The show provided each company a mood board and a mannequin they could personalize, but did not provide them with a desk or any working space in order to meet and talk with clients and visitors. Moreover, for the previous edition six specialized denim consultants had been involved in order to interpret the exhibitors’ new material collections, design and produce actual garments according to trends that will influence the market. Despite the positive acceptance of the previous edition the same format was not repeated for January’s 2015 edition.

Agostino Poletto, deputy general manager of Pitti Immagine, commented: “Our work is in progress and we are discussing with companies. For this edition we preferred to give each company and their product a stronger-impact shop window. It is true there were no desks for this edition but not all of them used them during the previous edition. For this January edition we preferred to give them greater space through a stronger research area. For the next edition we can always consider other solutions and – if they truly want a working area – we can move them in a different part of the show, though they might no longer be in the central area where every visitor passes by.”

As for the previous edition, the same format will also be replicated for the upcoming February 2015 edition of Milano Unica though Poletto is not excluding the possibility that this section might also be managed according to a different concept or through separate organization by each of the two shows for the future.

When asked if Pitti might ever sign agreements with other international denim specialized shows his comment was: “Our work in terms of evaluation of Italian creativity and craftsmanship was recently recognized. Consider we received public funding for this purpose and in order to hype it even more. For this we prefer to host here, for instance, top US buyers and sophisticated market insiders who can appreciate the worth and wide variety of our productive chain and specialized manufacturers. And this strategy is proving successful. Look at what we did for the last January edition of Pitti Uomo by hosting the Unconventional selection of underground international luxury brands. Our usual visitors would not have appreciated such brands if they had not seen them outside of our contest, though being part of our show and presenting them the way we do can make a difference.”

Denim styles spotted at Denim Italiano -Pitti Filati-
Denim styles spotted at Denim Italiano -Pitti Filati-