Piero Turk, freelance jeans designer, denim manufacturing consultant and amateur photographer, has published his first book of photographs titled “Details - A life with denim”. Despite his announcement of his new project in 2012, it took him longer than expected to produce and start selling his publication via Etsy.

The 90-page book features about 300 images of aged denim details and is sold at €28. It was presented during the last edition of Denim Boulevard, in Milan, last June and presents a sequence of images depicting details from the author's own vintage jeans, focusing on enlarged views of fabrics, breakings and mendings, aged accessories and special surface elements.

The book doesn’t include any text or explanation about the project. “Since I also took all photos of the book myself, I think that pictures are – or should be – self-explanatory,” explained Turk. The consultant has chosen to photograph details from vintage fabrics, mendings, stitching and accessories with the aim to present interesting inspiring sources for insiders or vintage denim lovers – as he is. “My collection is not including deadstock items that were never worn – as many collectors often like to gather together, because my work is based upon producing aged or outlived products and also because I like to capture the essence of garments which other wore and made become that worn-out in the past. In a way I think the real authors of these images are the people who wore these items and not me. I simply put what they did in my photographs.”

more than 300 images of vintage denim details