Steve McCurry, creator of the latest advertising campaign for the premium denim brand Jacob Cohën, produced and distributed by Giada Spa, supports the “Young Women’s Photography Initiative”, a project of the no-profit association Imagine Asia, founded by the American master of photography.

Within the last September edition of Milan Fashion Week the photographer, in collaboration with Jacob Cohën, has published the book “Steve McCurry&Jacob Cohen#TwoYearsJourney”, a visual book presenting his journey through different countries, creating an ideal stage for him to celebrate the colours, the passion and the love of detail he shares with the premium denim brand.

For the occasion, a limited edition leather jacket by Jacob Cohën (see photo) whose lining carries a McCurry's picture print, was also launched and will be available from s/s 2016 in brand flagship stores and important international multi-brand boutiques. The profits from selling the jacket will go to the association Imagine Asia to finance courses and photographic material.

Here, Steve McCurry answered some questions about his work and his passion for photography:

What is photography for you?
My photography is about telling stories. Whether it's portraiture, human behavior, or how we live on this planet. I think we photographers are capable of making a positive contribution to the world that we live in. I think we can help people understand problems and maybe bring about some kind of positive change.

What types of photography do you like shooting?
I see myself as a documentary photographer. For one thing, I don't work in a studio. I take my camera and roam the world, recording what I see. I've always had a curiosity for different cultures and wanted to try and tell their stories. As a documentary photographer, you feel compelled to tell these stories. In many cases, the people you are photographing aren't able to tell their own story and informing the world through magazines, newspapers, television, radio is the best chance for these people to get help through an informed populace.

What makes a photo interesting or worth to be shot? What do you look for?
A good picture is memorable; it triggers an emotion, and brings forward a reaction. It is an image that makes me want to learn something from it or know more about it. I suppose before shooting an image I'm looking for something that speaks to me.

One of your most popular pics is the one showing a green eyed Afghan Girl. Is that the one you like most? Why? What other ones do you like?
I don't think of my pictures in terms of favorites. Certainly that picture has been seen by millions of people, but there are a lot of pictures I like for different reasons. I think the Dust Storm is a picture I've really enjoyed looking at again and again.

Your involvement with Jacob Cöhen lasted for some seasons. What affinities tie you to this brand?
Jacob Cohën is linked to the world and has the curiosity to discover and mix different cultures, but with an Italian fashion sensibility. The hallmark of Jacob Cohën is excellence in craftsmanship, durability, and comfort. My father used to say that you get what you pay for, and that captures the brand perfectly.

From left to right: Marco Tiburzi, Jennifer Tommasi Bardelle and Steve McCurry
From left to right: Marco Tiburzi, Jennifer Tommasi Bardelle and Steve McCurry