Swimwear brand Arena recently launched Therese Alshammar for Bodylift, a capsule collection part of its Bodylift bodyshaping bathing suit selection. It’s designed by the Swedish swimming champion who was 12 times worldwide champion, 21 times Europewide champion and won three gold Olympic medals.


After many years of collaborating with Arena and wearing its swimsuits, Alshammar has created four black and white timeless bathing suits for professional swimmers and ordinary women alike.


Therese Alshammar wearing a swimsuit of her capsule with Arena
Photo: Arena
Therese Alshammar wearing a swimsuit of her capsule with Arena

These swimsuits are made with Sensitive Fit, a category of Sensitive Fabrics, made in Italy and exclusive patented by Eurojersey. The material is Lycra Beauty certified and shall guarantee a comfy shaping effect while, as all Lycra Extra Life premium materials, is meant to have a superior resistance to warm temperatures, chlorine and sun-protective creams and oils. Sensitive Fit has a high modeling capacity, guarantees maximum freedom of movement and has a strong holding power, as Eurojersey states.


We talked to Alshammar to find out more about the collaboration.


How was this collaboration born?
The dream as a professional swimmer to be more involved in design of the swimsuits I wore every day was always present. But, as a professional swimmer, the feedback was always more connected with speed and compression, aspects Arena is already very strong in.

To design a swimsuit that both looked good and felt comfortable, supportive and pleasant to swim in every day– and not racing–was born after I ended my career and it has been a true passion project and bliss to work on with Arena, Eurojersey and Lycra brand.

Had you collaborated with Arena, Eurojersey and Lycra in the past?

I had long been one of Arena’s swimmers and ambassadors whilst swimming and always trained and raced in their suits.

But specifically, Arena, Eurojersey and Lycra already collaborated together for a long time.

In 2013, Arena launched the Bodylift collection made with the new Sensitive Fit fabric by Eurojersey empowered by the Lycra brand innovations–the Lycra Xtralife fiber and the Lycra Beauty certification–for better compression in more critical areas, plus featherlight weight and very high stretch.

What are this capsule’s characteristics and which benefits do Sensitive Fabrics and Lycra add to these items?
I love the idea of timeless elegance with a twist and that the suit should be as cool both swimming indoors and outdoors, so it ”goes” with everything, hence the black base and insert of black and white squares and lines.  

Thanks to the wonderful elastic memory of the innovative Sensitive Fit fabric–due to the 32% of Lycra fiber presence–it is extremely lightweight and hard wearing and enhances the figure by providing control action and comfortable support.
The Lycra Beauty certification offers an extra modeling effect in strategic areas, as well as a remarkable elasticity and freedom of movement, caressing the body like a second skin. Furthermore, Sensitive Fit fabric ensures an extraordinary resistance to chlorine and quick drying thanks to the use of the premium Lycra Xtralife fiber Sensitive Fit, empowered by the Lycra brand innovations, guarantees unique benefits as support, control, fit and a delicate shaping effect.

The swimsuit range has built in bra that both lifts and sculpts as well as the support around the belly to provide us with better posture and feel in the water. One key point in freestyle for example is to pull your belly button in to float better.


To whom is this line addressed?

I hope any and all women! Its designed by women for women and to make us feel better, to nudge us towards exercise, to provide a good feeling and experience when working out!

Did you like this collaboration and might like to continue?

I loved being involved and seeing a product grow from idea to sketch into a fully made Italian quality product. So, yes.

The Therese Alshammar x Arena capsule employs Sensitive fabrics by Eurojersey and Lycra
Photo: Arena
The Therese Alshammar x Arena capsule employs Sensitive fabrics by Eurojersey and Lycra

When choosing what to wear for your work and leisure time what are the most important aspects you are looking for?

When I look at clothes to work out in, I want them to be comfortable, cool and highly functional in great quality. 

The idea of investing in quality training gear is worth it in many ways–we will feel the difference quality wise, plus we will feel proud and happy to put them on! 

When I look at clothes outside the pool I look for quality and similarly, I buy from trusted brands that inspire or interest me with their aesthetics or philosophy.

I like to know that someone who has designed the garment has a clear vision and a lot of knowledge of fit, quality and that it is a high-quality product. We cannot afford to buy and spend money on cheap, fast fashion. Our planet is much too valuable for that.

Similarly, when making this collection with Arena, such principles are valid. Arena is the world’s leading swimwear company and, alongside Sensitive Fabrics by Eurojersey who also follow great environmental programs in how the fabric is colored and treated and similar steps, along with my over 30 years of experience in swimsuits, I felt reassured it would fulfill all of my criteria for a good product to invest in.

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