Hamit Yenici, the former general manager of Calik Denim, left the Turkish denim manufacturer a few weeks ago to launch a new business.

“I decided to start my own company and follow a new approach and business model. I am still defining some organization aspects and details but I will continue to be focused on denim as I am strongly passionate for it. Though I want to follow different directions in terms of new technical approach, manufacturing and creation of collections,” he explained.

The new project will involve different players including mills, though also other partners of the value chain. They will be international players and not only Turkish partners.

The expert denim insider has toiled in the textile business for nearly 30 years. He spent the last five and half years working for Calik Denim and the previous 24 at Isko.

Yenici left Calik a few days after the April 2019 Kingpins Amsterdam show closed. “I had planned to leave Calik after Kingpins Amsterdam though I completed all of my duties before that, and put all of my energies there in order to do a great and successful work and show, two goals I achieved."