Fashion, the Italian trade magazine part of DFV group, has recently organized its “Digital Fashion Day” convention in Milan.

Key speakers and experts from the digital and fashion markets disclosed their most recent experiences, achievements and opinions. Moderator of the convention was Marc Sondermann, editor-in-chief and CEO, Fashion Magazine. Read our highlights here:


The working day opened hosting Alessandra Guffanti, entrepreneur and president of Italy’s Young Entrepreneur Association within the fashion market (SMI Giovani). “Fashion is a main driver in e-commerce and a great growth opportunity at all levels, - from B2B to B2C,” she explained while presenting some collaborations she has been involved in. While referring to the successful initiative carried ahead by Pitti trade shows through the e-Pitti Platform, she announced that also Milano Unica, the Italian fabric trade show, will be soon disclosing the MU-365 project, a tool through which exhibitors and potential customers will be able to meet. Fabric manufacturers will be able to show and sell their collections to brands and designers.

She also disclosed how digital platforms can help promoting examples of circular economy – as outer apparel brand Herno, collaborating with eco-sensitive fabrics manufacturers Eurojersey and Radici Tessuti – can better present and inform about the Made in Green eco-friendly line of products. Also Zady, another e-commerce platform focused on selling innovative sustainable fashion clothes, fully discloses how a piece of apparel was produced.


Round Table
Photo: Fashion
Round Table

Other players showed interesting points of view on digital strategies. Francesco Bottigliero, chief digital officer, Brunello Cucinelli and CEO of Pitti’s Fiera Digitale, pointed out how each company has to approach digitalization processes according to no fixed standards, but according to own specific needs and characteristics, while being ready to change approach and vision.


Giuseppe Grandinetti, global head digital USA, Europe and Asia, Vibram, pointed out how thanks to their special artificial intelligence software Eistein, they can learn about their customer base’s sentiment and interact with them. They also developed a special technology through which special rubber soles can interact with digital systems embedded into traffic lights and digital cars, but also provide guidance, for instance to blind people and lead them while walking.


Maurizio Capobianco of Salesforce Commerce Cloud (former Demandware), explained how the future of e-commerce will grow exponentially growing from the present 1.5 trillion users in the US (counting for 9% of global revenues) to 4 trillion users (15% of total revenues) by 2020. “The greatest part of growth will happen in digital,” he commented. “For this, it is important to constantly answer to the needs of consumers.”


Fabio Maglioni, customer experience manager, Splio, believes that it is important to take care of the consumers’ entire customer journey and not classify them as simple users. “Our technology is able to listen to and consider the customer not as a cluster, but as an individual.”


One of the brands participating in the event was also Space 2000, owner of the sportswear brand Bomboogie. Maria Beatrice Falcione, digital department manager, believes in the importance to cuddle their customer through the digital experience: “Our task is to interact with customers in order to make them become brand ambassadors, rather than considering them as simple purchasers. We consider them as consultants who can give us great feedback. We treat them like VIPS as also criticism is precious information.”

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