French luxury group PPR will continue the brand Alexander McQueen after the designer’s suicide last week. This was announced at the press conference for the annual results in Paris this morning according to press agency AFP. His design team will accomplish the collection for Winter 2010/11 and the fashion show on March 9, 2010 will take place during the fashion week in Paris. There was no comment made concerning if a designer will be hired for the next seasons. Robert Polet, CEO of the group, confirmed that the brand has a very high potential and had a good development during the last years. Son of the founder and president of PPR, Francois-Henri Pinault said: “This is the most wonderful honesty we can attest him.”

The brand Alexander McQueen belongs with 51% to the Gucci Group, a subsidiary of PPR Group. The designer died February 11, 2010 after committing suicide.

— Barbara Markert