Watch out, bicyclists and denim fans – there is no need to decide between looking good at the office (but feeling cramped on your bike) or choosing the comfortable biker shorts (but being dressed inappropriately for work): Osloh offers the symbiosis of practical function pants and a cool classic 5 Pocket Jeans.

The idea behind Osloh Bicycle Jeans comes from New York. Designer Shawn Drayton, who already worked for 50 Cent, Outcast and other artists, made a virtue from his need in 2008. He rode his single speed bike from Brooklyn to his office in Manhattan every day. The logical consequent of the challenge style vs. function was to create a combination of both and therefore not having to accept any compromise anymore.

The target group is obvious: the “Urban Commuter” - people, who go to work by bike - but also everyone else who’s riding his bike in town and wants to look stylish. These fashionable “function jeans” already won the Velo Couture Award at the “Berliner Fahrrad Schau” in March 2011.

There are three different styles: Pedal, slim fit with full features and brown label stiching,Spoke, the classic type in relaxed fit with blue label stiching and Hub, the Bicycle Jeans shorts.

All styles are made of dark, unwashed Indigo Denim with 2% of stretch. In addition they have an antibacterial and smell repellent cover which permeates the denim and disappears outwardly after having it washed. It is recommended to wash these jeans cold, once or twice before wearing it to achieve the real finish.

The name “Osloh” attributes to Shawn Drayton‘s love for the city of Oslo. Since June 2011, Osloh Bicycle Jeans are available in Germany, Austria and Switzerland at the onlineshop starting at €99 or at