Two pioneers of lifestyle innovation, O'Neill and Philips, have joined forces to launch a line of headphones designed to withstand the hazards of an active lifestyle. The Philips|O’Neill headphone collection features four different styles and is available at retail stores throughout Europe and the US. Inspired by the heavy-duty materials and the style of wetsuit materials, The Stretch headphones – the toughest in the new line-up – deliver high performance with being crack-resistant. The Snug model is a set of flat-folding headphones that deliver flawless fit and sound with a design of bold graphics. The in-ear selection includes The Covert with a powerful sound and iPhone control, while The Specked includes a range of three striking colored in-ear-plugs with tangle-free cords for longer listening experiences.

The Philips|O’Neill campaign will be accompanied by selected O’Neill team riders, including 9-time Big Mountain Rider of the Year Jeremy Jones, fearless big wave surfer Mark Mathews and two-time freeride World Tour Champion Ane Enderud who have put the headphones to the ultimate test in their own active lifestyles. In addition to the launch at IFA, the headphones will be showcased during the Deeper movie premiere tour in October and November where guests in Amsterdam, Los Angeles and New York City can have a headphone-enabled ‘Deeper Listening Experience’ during the showing of Jeremy Jones' groundbreaking freeride snowboarding movie.