Compared to its beginnings, online shopping has become more and more personalized through additional styling services that are offered by e-tailers: visual online tests where users choose their favorite looks or phone interviews carried out by professional stylists, just to name a few. Only now, a new approach comes from Zalando and the popular phone app Whatsapp.

Zalon, Zalando’s recently-launched online styling service, offers users to get in touch with its stylists’ base through instant messaging in a more direct and mobile way for free. A previous registration is also not necessary. Apart from general styling tips, clients of the Zalon chat might also get advice on where to find and buy a concrete product.

The Zalon chat is available via Whatsapp from Monday to Friday (8am - 7pm) under the following phone number: +49 157 92357870. Zalon is only available in Germany at present.