After Italian fashion footwear specialist Fornari Spa has gone into liquidation in July 2015, they applied various social safety nets (including redundancy payment and redundancy schemes for workers) and found agreements with local unions.

Part of the employees previously working for the company were re-employed in a newborn company - Fashion Market Srl. founded by Giusi Fornari (previous co-owner of Fornari Spa).

Beginning of 2016 Giusi Fornari bought the Barleycorn brand and expects to also complete the acquisition of the related business unit, as confirmed during the last edition of Micam, held in Milan from 14 to 17 February, 2016.

“As my father Gianfranco founded Fornari 50 years ago I like to think that Fashion Market is occupying the same walls as the original company that hosted Fornari Spa from 1961 until 1995,” commented Giusi Fornari. “I like that through Barleycorn, we pursue the same principles he believed in such as, for instance, craftsmanship, Made in Italy identity, sophisticated design and comfort as results of constant technical research and innovation,” and adds: “Barleycorn’s mission continues to focus on launching contemporary and functional ‘hero’ products destined to become style icons as our Classic model was and continues to be.”

Barleycorn was founded in 1991 after an idea of Gianfranco Fornari, and will be first distributed in Italy through the new company with a selection of top-end stores. In a second phase they will also start distributing it in Europe, especially France where it continues to be highly appreciated, in Germany, where they recently debuted in January 2016, and in emerging markets.

“At present Barleycorn founds its core business in men’s and women’s footwear, though we keep many projects in our drawer,” continues Fornari. “We want to launch a new sneaker model, an accessory line, various interactive multimedia projects and co-marketing initiatives.”