Longtime denim industry insider Neil Bell joined Artistic Milliners, the Pakistan-based specialized denim manufacturer, as global R&D manager in February 2016.

Bell is well-known among industry experts for his extensive knowledge about fibers, fabrics and the denim market. He previously worked for 15 years for Levi's as global innovation manager and was most recently with high-tech fiber brand Dyneema for one year in 2015.

"My task at Artistic MIlliners is to introduce innovation solutions for fibers and fabrics," he said. "I want to concentrate on new fibers, finishing, dyeing and technology, while achieving greater performance and comfort. I thinkthere is a huge interest in performance in this market, for instance in terms of durability and sporty functionality," he added while presenting a newly developed denim that cannot be broken or ripped while still featuring soft feel like 100% cotton denim. He also stated that he wants to "create a whole new generation of fabrics that keep intact the authentic image and spirit of denim and incorporate a hidden fast-forward thinking performance."