Designwork©Muc ( is the name of a new platform for young designers that starts on October 13. Based in Munich, Germany, the forum aims to help new talent find contacts in the industry, present their work to a wider public, and exchange information and know-how.

Every three months up to 12 fresh faces from design areas such as fashion, graphics or objects are chosen from a jury of experts to show their pieces in a special loft in Munich. "This is not meant to be a fair," says organizer Nadja Schleghuber. Instead all the clothing and objects will be arranged as a whole to create the atmosphere of an "adventure living room," as Schleghuber calls it.

Interaction of the visitors is part of the concept.

In addition each designer will be presented on the internet.

During the three months of the show different events such as movie presentations and discussions with experts will take place.

Sponsors, students and anyone interested in supporting the action are invited to attend. Designwork has already found different so-called "cooperation partners" from the industry and the educational sector but is constantly looking for more support from companies, institutions and people who have an eye on creative potential. They can present themselves during the presentations, will be mentioned in the booklets, stay in touch with the designers and have also access to the design archive.

"Still we are no office to mediate jobs. We want to help designers to present themselves and work as a network,"Schleghuber, a designer herself, notes. Her aim is to work on an international basis to connect designers and industry worldwide.