Milan hosted the second edition of Decoded Fashion (see our previous coverage here), a one-day long series of round tables, talks and a contest of start-ups focused on multichannel retail.

The event presented innovative digital solutions aimed at supporting and inspiring companies and retailers to boost their sales through different channels. A very interesting series of expertise was explained by Martijn Bertisen, retail director Google. He pointed out that brick-and-mortar stores continue to be fundamental in retail: “In the most advanced market for e-shopping – the UK –business is about 13-14% of the total. This means that physical retail still represents an over 80% of the business.”

For this he pointed out experiences that integrate online and physical shopping by taking the best from each channel. He presented a one-month initiative by the Kate Spade Saturday brand sold in New York with four temporary shop windows presenting products that could be bought 24/7 through giant screens attached to the shop window. Purchases could be delivered a few hours after in the city – in restaurants, gyms or anywhere a customer requested. He also presented the My Burberry fragrance launch. By buying it online each customer could choose and customize the bottle of the perfume. Google also managed initiatives through aimed at different beauty types in promoting cosmetics ( and a personal shopping service for male consumers.

Among start-ups, the event presented interactive experience such as Iwishu, a new initiative through which one can also send a free personalized video to be downloaded and shared when purchasing a clothing item. The Wallet Circle is an app and a device through which retailers can manage functions such as loyalty cards, digital receipts and special information to be delivered to their customers.

Stefano Rosso (OTB), Jamila Jamani (Modist), Liz Bacelar (Decoded Fashion), Francesco Bottigliero (
Stefano Rosso (OTB), Jamila Jamani (Modist), Liz Bacelar (Decoded Fashion), Francesco Bottigliero (

Named as winner for the Fashion Pitch competition was Modist, a special service developed by a Canadian newborn initiative by Andrea Foster, Jamila Jamani and Khalid Meniri. The Modist app for iPad can provide content on single fashion items according to styling suggestions, catwalk pics and other interpretations of that garment as seen on websites, blogs and in magazines. The app can help fashion retailers sell fashion items in their stores.

The young entrepreneurs, who will have the chance to present their project during the next Pitti Uomo Fair in Florence, will meet with Stefano and Renzo Rosso, CEO and president, OTB, and their managing team for a day visit at the OTB headquarters. They will also have access to the Intesa Sanpaolo StartUp Initiative.

Also prized were Rentezvous, a digital market place through which anyone can rent their own wardrobe, and Sartoria, an online service through which one can decide what to buy, thanks to the help of stylists suggesting them trendy ideas and what suits them best. These two ideas will respectively participate in Pitti W and Pitti Uomo in January.