Copenhagen based fashion brand Modström celebrates its 10th birthday with a redesign of its brand identity and a stronger focus on trends. The new branding includes a new logo, as well as the makeover of the website and the online shop.
“Inspired by the attitude of the wolf the new logo is a powerful symbol for the Modström brand. The new branding reflects Modström’s take on fashion – creating vibrant and distinctive high-street fashion for the feminine rebel and urban dreamer,” explains Modström CEO Helle Wagner.

Next to the new branding and the logo makeover, Modström continues to focus on its collections with a more trend affine approach, including six yearly main collections and two outerwear collections. Modström offers seasonable collection pieces combined with a focus on wear ability and quality in an affordable price range.

Modström is presented in 7 countries in Northern Europe. In 2015, Modström will open their 7th retail concept store in Copenhagen and will also be available at the online shop