The countdown is on for the next edition of Düsseldorf’s Euroshop, starting March, 5 -9, 2017. Part of the huge exhibitor portfolio will also be international mannequin designer and producer Hans Boodt Mannequins, who will present itself with its whole studio and new products addressing a wide range of buyers from casual fashion to high-end couture for both large retail chains and individual retailers. Here, Marco Ouwerkerk, CEO and owner, talked about the most interesting trends and innovations.  


Hans Boodt will exhibit at the upcoming Euroshop in March where many new products will be presented. What are the main innovations visitors will find at your booth?

The main innovations include a combination of finishes, or customization, and the introduction of our 3D design and prototyping. We brought our whole studio to Euroshop.


What are currently the most interesting Mannequin trends in general? What are the retailers looking for?

Most important trends are dynamic poses, customized finishes and the comeback of make-up, but on abstract faces.


Fantasy Flock Mirror
Photo: Hans Boodt Mannequin
Fantasy Flock Mirror

Your core competence is customizing. What does this offer exactly include? And which customers do you address with the offer?

It can be any customer; from big retailers to small independent stores. For the big retailer we can develop a total custom mannequin range with special finishes and everything they desire; for the independent store we can use our current range and customize the finish to their demand.


What percentage of your sales do customized products represent?

80% of our business is creating one-off, custom-designed mannequins for customers from scratch.

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