Italian denim brand Meltin’Pot is betting again on its iconic and distinctive B–side denim trouser model. B-side has always been a signature design since its debut for the brand. For this it returns once again as a central and innovative element for the f/w 2014 collection.

B-side jeans are completely reversible and each of these pieces can be worn as both a basic and a fashion item. They have been cleverly engineered using a single piece of fabric, and designed in order to be stylistically completely different on each side.

Meltin'Pot B-side camouflage denim pants
Meltin'Pot B-side camouflage denim pants
The diversity between the two sides is further emphasized in the special flash collection available in stores from October 2014 that features a clean image on one side to an on-trend seasonal print on their reverse side.

The FW’14 B-side flash collection consists of two male and two female designs which feature an eclectic mix of high performance fabrics, patterns, prints and treatments. Camouflage, corduroy, marbled and painted effects characterize the reversible side of denim for man; flower prints and used effect, paisley, animalier, “spray” effects characterize the reverse side for the woman’s denim.

B-side models for men are available in a loose fit chino variant and a 5-pocket regular slim clean model. The styles available for women include a loose fit, straight leg model and a super-skinny high-waist stretch legging model.