Mavi teams up with Turkish denim producer Orta to launch Mavi’s new addition to its Mavi Gold line. The collection is called “Feather” and uses exclusive fabrics created by Orta. With the collection Mavi wants to kick off its 25th anniversary celebration.

The denim collection is light and cool due to a novelty yarn mix of cotton, tencel, lyocell, and viscose. “Feather” also integrates a power stretch technology that is supposed to give the pants a luxurious, soft and comfortable feel.

The collection features three hues, Special Neptune (a shade of deep green cast with true indigo), Future Blue (a mix of green cast and indigo) which also uses less water and chemicals, and Aqua Light Green (a retro looking shade).

Debuting in spring 2016, the collection will retail at $148 and will be available on the Mavi website, at Mavi Brooklyn retail locations and other retailers worldwide.