Specialized Italian denim laundry Martelli has acquired 100% of the Martelli Gonser laundry, also known as Martelli Tunisia, the company’s division working in the North-African market.
The partnership between Martelli (previously owning 60% of the company) and the German laundry specialist Gonser Group laundry had lasted for the past five years.

This acquisition is meant to achieve two goals: creating a powerful strategic hub in a geographic area like Africa, and providing all the brands producing in this area with a reliable all-round service.

Tunisia, a leading area in the textile industry, combines experience with competitive costs, a mix that attracted many companies from all four corners of the globe. This is particularly true for European firms, now manufacturing many of their own products in this country, as both shores of the Mediterranean become more closely integrated. For brands, positioned in the medium-high segment, Martelli can now fully satisfy its clients by offering its most appreciated treatments - finishing and washing techniques - throughout the North African region.