To face market difficulties Italian denim manufacturer Lanificio Europa group has enacted a business continuity plan. The core of its own rescue strategy is to also focus on manufacturing ready garments for the jeans and fashion industry according to faster production and delivery rhythms.

The Prato-based group, whose activities include purchasing fibers, spinning and yarn manufacturing, garment production and dyeing, recently experienced a drastic reduction in its fabric production from its past 8 to 10 million meters to the current 3.5 million meters per year. As a consequence, it was forced to cut its workforce from 220 people to about 140.

“We continue to produce our own denim fabrics we present to specialized trade shows like Milano Unica, Munich Fabric Start and Premiere Vision. Though we are also focused on a whole project aimed at relaunching the activities of our weaving company,” says Luigi Guarducci, owner of Lanificio Europa. “We are now concentrated on offering more service, more products and more frequent deliveries as faster responses to the changed market requests.”

He continues: “For this reason, starting from September 2017, through our own company Confezioni Vestire we will start producing ready garments according to fast fashion rhythms, while integrating activities of our own facilities through which we can also offer garment dyeing solutions. Thanks to our know-how and experience we will be able to deliver garments in two to three weeks from orders.” He adds that it acquired the specialized garment manufacturing company entirely in 2011.

“We are now waiting for the Tribunal’s approval of our plan to save the company–which might arrive by end of the year. Though, despite difficulties, we never stopped working–not even for one day–while we started this whole plan of reorganization.”



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