Marina Tosin, CEO of the OTB Holding since 2010 and left arm of Renzo Rosso, will step down from her position. The former Diesel CEO will be in charge of fewer responsibilities, though she will continue her work in a less operative position near the founder. She will also remain part of the board of directors. Tosin is stepping down for personal reasons; she wants to dedicate more time to her family (husband, sons and parents).

Renzo Rosso commented: "Marina will always be my trustworthy and perfect sparring partner. She is determined, loyal, in love with her work, and our common project. Although we always share different points of view, she represents perfectly my other half."

In the meantime a new entry, Riccardo Stilli, will join the group and will work side by side with OTB manager, Stefano Rosso; Renzo’s second born son. Riccardo Stilli is a partner of PwC and has worked at Prada Group as chief financial officer and managing director, 1999 - 2005. In 2005 he joined RCS Media Group as CFO, where he worked his way up to the post of general manager. Stefano will maintain his role in human resources, corporate governance and internal auditing. Stilli will manage administration and finance, strategic planning and control, IT and legal matters.

For the next few months Marina Tosin will carry out ‘onboarding’ and will finally pass her duties. At the end of this phase Riccardo Stilli will become CEO of the holding and the group.