Spanish fashion brand Mango has announced the opening of its largest store in Europe on 10 October, located at Neuhauser Straße 19 in Munich. The new store is part of the worldwide “Megastore” expansion concept of Mango.

The new megastore has a total sales space of 2300sqm over two floors and offers the brand’s whole range including Mango, H.E., Mango Touch, and MANGO Kids. With this opening and the Megastore in Trier, opened earlier this year, Mango has 125 stores in the German market.

Mango plans 13 further store openings by the end of the year and in the future plans a total of 18 megastores in the Europe. Twelve new megastore transactions are under contract for 2014, including Spain, Great Britain, Switzerland, and Holland.

Ninona Vila, PR Director, Mango, comments: “Our new store in Munich represents an outstanding milestone for our expansion project in Germany. Germany remains one of the most important countries in our expansion process in Europe. The German customers are very receptive concerning our market. These new stores are part of the expansion course of our company; they should expand our presence in Germany and help us to achieve our goal to be located in all major cities around the world.”

Currently the company has more than 2600 shops in 107 countries.